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Advanced Food Management
Advanced Food Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps transform two important task areas in the management of food production and distribution organization, Pricing and Item Information lookups.

Benefits Include: 

  • Create implement, and schedule efficiently the proper pricing structures for individual customers, customer groups and marketing campaigns

  • Align pricing and costs for healthy margins

  • Prepare customers and trading partners for uninterrupted business with you by promptly distributing pricing updates and order guides for them.

  • Keep pricing practices fully documented and auditable, so you can easily track and improve the business outcomes of pricing.

  • Enable customer-facing employees and purchasing agents to avoid disruptive shortages of items and materials.

  • View all item details of interest without delay or building queries, anytime you like.

  • Enable better management of your food items by keeping stakeholders fully appraised of item status.

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