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BC Anywhere
BC Anywhere is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn and use for distribution employees. Anywhere for Food Manufacturing and Distribution BC comes with a wide array of preconfigured, supported processes that are common in food businesses.

Benefits Include: 

  • Enhance transaction processing with faster speed, greater accuracy, and companywide consistency, eliminating the costs and inefficiencies resulting from errors and uneven practices.

  • Ensure effective lot management that follows your rules and policies.

  • Enable warehouse workers to accomplish more within the time available to them, performing their tasks faster and more consistently.

  • Run preconfigured processes to work productively with NAV Anywhere immediately after a fast deployment.

  • Adapt the solution to your needs by using the NAV Framework that serves as its mobility engine.

  • Create more value from existing hardware by connecting handheld scanners, label printers, digital scales, and other devices directly to data and processes in Food Manufacturing and Distribution and Dynamics BC.

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