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Confections and Snacks

Colorful Cookies

Whether candy or snacks, DynamicsFood ERP has the features you need in the bag

Manage recipes, quality checks and status, labeling, transportation plus all your financials from one easy-to-use program. Integrate purchasing and sales, CRM and financials in one place with instant insights into cash flow
  • Take full advantage of Handheld Scanning to keep goods moving quickly

  • Manage recipes for all products and customers in one easily accessed database

  • Keep an eye on fast-changing sales trends and respond to customer tastes rapidly with full integration of recipes with ingredient and nutrition specs

  • Create instantly updated ingredient and allergen information from variations in recipes and raw materials

  • Plan and schedule production directly from your dashboard

  • Calculate raw materials and packaging requirements for each run or period

  • Full traceability with Quality testing and status

  • Control freshness with easy shelf life and expiry-date tracking with FEFO inventory management

  • Manage costs, sales and collections from your own dashboard

  • Keep things running with integrated maintenance management

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