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Fresh Vegetables in Basket

DynamicsFoodERP is the ERP Solution for the Food and Beverage Industry

Perfect for medium-sized companies with many users, DynamicsFoodERP allows you to manage and plan production for one or many plants using a single database.

Get all the power you need to keep track of financials, cut costs and optimize all the value in your supply chain. Manage recipes, packaging requirements, quality checks, labeling, logistics, transportation and distribution. DynamicsFoodERP is perfect for regional, national or international operations and handles multiple currencies.

With a custom configuration designed for the way your company works, DynamicsFoodERP delivers advanced features and expert implementation. Gain full visibility of sales orders, raw materials and production schedules in near-real time. Or use DynamicsFoodERP Essentials for a standard category-based configuration and get up and running quickly, with a smaller upfront investment. Either way, as your needs change, DynamicsFoodERP is there to help you manage.

DynamicsFoodERP includes with all of the functions below – and more. Contact us to discuss any additional requirements your business may have.


Every business needs to deal with the basics of accounting and cash management: general ledger, receivables and payables, payroll, etc. In addition, Food companies have to deal with specific requirements such as EDI, rebates, commissions and many more food specific business processes. These issues are solved with DynamicsFoodERP—it contains all necessary financial and administrative functionalities for a typical food company. From CRM to credit & debit management, everything is integrated in a single ERP solution.

  • General Ledger: Optimize your accounting processes and increase control over your finances

  • Creditors: Maximize your available cash and simplify payment processes with flexible, integrated payment transactions

  • CRM: Support your customer and vendor relationships

  • Accounts Receivable: Optimize your cash flow by accelerating claims and tracing customer payments

  • Purchases, Rebates, Reservations, Quotes and Blanket Orders


Complex production environments need powerful planning software to leverage your production capabilities. DynamicsFoodERP automates many processes while providing visuals insight into operations by processing orders to production, warehousing and delivery. Manage the current order status, pick lists, and warehouse and inventory lists, as well as sales and profit margins among many other KPIs. Increase the reliability of promised orders and respond to customer inquiries about order status and expected delivery dates.

  • Production planning based on how you run your business

  • In-Line scales

  • Visual scheduling

  • Recipes and labeling

  • Material Requirements Planning and Master Planning Schedule

  • Optimizing Batches for equipment and orders

  • Post output and consumption on the production floor via touch screens and handhelds


Internal and external logistics are critical factors. To gain control and insight in the flow of goods, you need to have an ERP system that supports and keeps track of all processes. DynamicsFoodERP provides a solution for all your needs and requirements, starting from the receipt of raw materials to transportation planning of the final product.

  • Transport Routes

  • Packaging

  • FEFO Inventory Management

  • Handheld Scanning

  • Cycle Counting

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Unique Container Numbers

  • Container Management

  • Scale Integration

  • Labeling

  • EDI

Sales and Marketing

Food companies often lack visibility to this important function, but DynamicsFoodERP will let you log all customer-related and contact-related interactions, including meetings, emails/correspondence, phone calls or activities performed in other application areas. Analyze customer and contact information to help take advantage of sales opportunities, monitor the sales pipeline, and manage the sales cycle.

  • Manage contacts, tasks and team information directly from Outlook and synchronize uni-directionally or bi-directionally.

  • Attach documents and other files to contact/activity records and track together.

  • Analyze customer and contact information to help take advantage of sales opportunities, monitor the sales pipeline and manage the sales cycle.

  • Identify specific segments of customers/contacts and create targeted marketing campaigns in languages of your choice.

  • Use customizable templates and the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Office Word to create and send personalized print or e-mail communication.

  • Automate the delivery of documents to customers

Business Intelligence 

Food and Beverage companies produce and store large amounts of information, mostly in conjunction with food safety regulations. DynamicsFoodERP’s Business Intelligence application makes it possible to access your all your company’s live and historical data on any device. KPIs such as efficiency and effectiveness of production is then compared with the planning and standards. The efficiency of the production department can, with the help of the PowerBI, be evaluated for machine, labor and yeilds.

  • KPI reporting through extensible PowerBI

  • Automated Report Creation

  • Cubes

  • Use industry KPIs 

  • Integration with Microsoft SQL server

  • Standard reports

Quality and Food Safety

Because you are working with fresh ingredients and strict legal requirements, all quality-related matters need to be integrated into an ERP system. Raw materials are entered in once and the results are rolled up based on your recipes and formula by DynamicsFoodERP. This prevents errors and saves a lot of work. Genesis integration further streamlines ingredient and nutrition management.

  • FSMA and HACCP Compliance

  • Quality Status

  • Quality Control

  • Lot Tracing

  • Blocking 

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