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Food Process Manufacturing
From product design, to production planning, Visual Production Sequencing, production recording, costing, and equipment management, Food Process Manufacturing extends Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to meet the increasingly complex needs of manufacturers.

Benefits Include: 

  • Optimize Microsoft Dynamics for the requirements of process and batch manufacturing, and take advantage of a modern ERP system that fits your industry and business model.

  • Perform efficient batch planning with a view toward fewer runs and most productive manufacturing, keeping overhead low.

  • Use the solution’s streamlined planning tools to ensure alignment of production, materials and supplies, and demand.

  • Maintain stringent quality control with full, backward and forward traceability of lots through the production process.

  • Achieve the best impact on your production from the capacity and capabilities of your production equipment and facilities.

  • Adjust manufacturing processes to your specific product direction and operating environment, with extensive capabilities for handling single- and multi-level recipes, sizing batches dynamically, establishing recipe versions, defining co- and by-products, accounting for all cost factors, and more.

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