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Food Quality Control
Quality Control is part of DynamicsFoodERP Food Manufacturing & Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics BC, a richly featured solution suite that also supports effective, agile management of production, distribution, pricing, costing, and other processes for companies that make and sell food products

Benefits Include: 

  • Practice, document, and demonstrate uncompromised compliance with governmental, industry, and corporate regulations and quality standards for the food industry.

  • Maintain end-to-end lot control with backward and forward auditability—back from the point of your sale to a customer, through production, through the supply chain, to the initial raw material, or forward from the original producer.

  • Perform effective lot management through filtering by certain test results and full lot histories.

  • Bring effective quality criteria to business processes throughout the operation and align the business with quality policies.

  • Document quality achievements by means of certificates of analysis.

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