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Food Warehousing and Distribution
Food Warehousing and Distribution is part of Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics BC, a richly featured solution suite that also supports effective, agile management of production, quality control, pricing, costing, and other processes for companies that make and sell food products.

Benefits Include: 

  • Combine superior, highly individualized customer service with the most efficient planning of delivery routes, trips, and resources.

  • Ensure flawless accuracy and complete transparency in your invoicing, picking, loading, delivery, and container tracking.

  • Save time and eliminate errors in repeating orders by implementing standing orders.

  • Keep product quality high and increase loading and delivery efficiency by timely staging of different types of products.

  • Stay abreast of regulatory compliance concerns with proper bills of lading and continuous product lot tracing.

  • Maintain full visibility of lots in transit and within containers.

  • Exercise complete control and maximize the usage efficiency of all types of containers.

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