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Raw Fish
Fishing Net

Cut through the noise and net your seafood operation maximum returns

It’s always smooth sailing for DynamicsFood ERP, with special seafood-only market functions and inventory optimization across every customer in every port.
  • Take full advantage of EDI to send and receive orders and shipping notices

  • Ensure full traceability with Quality testing and status

  • Use Handheld Scanning technology to keep products moving efficiently and avoid shipping and inventory mistakes that can lead to spoilage or customer complaints

  • Integrate purchasing and sales, CRM and financials in one place with instant insights into cash flow

  • Use catch weight to convert weighted inventory to fixed or variable price per piece inventory, and reconcile any variations, including analysis of cut and weight loss

  • Using DynamicsFoodERP Food Manufacturing and Distribution Software’s Scale Connection, you can automatically enter weight in to inventory direct from scales, saving time and reducing errors

  • Integrate product specifications from catch and production to packaging and labeling

  • Manage recipes for all products and customers in one place.

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