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Fresh Bread

In the bakery business, matching supplies to demand is crucial

Manage recipes, product specifications, quality checks, labeling and transportation plus all your financials in one easy-to-use program. DynamicsFood ERP will help grow your dough while profits rise!
  • Forecast raw materials, packaging and finished good inventory requirements

  • Traceability with Quality testing and status

  • Keep goods moving with Handheld Scanning

  • Integrate purchasing and sales, CRM and financials in one place with instant insights into cash flow and margins

  • Create orders quickly with daily and weekly call lists, order templates and planning, tracking, budgeting and administration

  • Create instantly updated ingredient and nutrition information from variations in recipes and raw materials

  • Create dough baking and packing lists

  • Manage recipes for all products and customers in one easily accessed database

  • Plan and schedule production directly from your dashboard

  • Control spoilage with easy shelf life and expiry-date tracking with FEFO inventory management

  • Manage costs, sales, collections and vendor payments from your device

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