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Meat and Poultry

Butcher Hanging Beef

From ranch to table, bring all your data into one manageable, scalable system

Let DynamicsFood ERP help you manage and optimize bulk sales, packaged cheese, private label items, carton products, spreads and soft cheeses or frozen desserts.
  • Integrate purchasing and sales, CRM and financials in one place with instant insights into cash flow and margin

  • Traceability with Quality testing and status

  • Spoilage control with easy shelf life and expiry date tracking with FEFO inventory management

  • Manage catch weight and fixed weight items while being able to price and cost by weight

  • Plan production based on your incoming supply by creating co-products and by-products

  • Take full advantage of EDI & Handheld Scanning to move orders quickly and avoid shipping delays and spoilage.

  • Manage specifications for all products and customers in one place.

  • Automatically enter weight in to inventory direct from in line scales using DynamicsFoodERP’s Scale Server, saving time and reducing errors.

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